At Adkore, our number one goal is to provide the best possible chiropractic care and physical therapy, customized to each of our patient's needs. Check out our reviews from our satisfied patients!

"What was pain and suffering is no more. Thank you, Adkore Rehabilitation Center!"

Lucy Rivera

"I did not want another weekend of pain. I called Adkore and Melisa answered: 'Come this afternoon, and we’ll see what we can do to help.' Two years have passed and not only has everything healed, but I continue two days a week to keep my body in great working order."

Rita Watts

"I've been coming to Adkore Center for only a short time, and I am finally living a pain-free life. The remarkable improvement in my health is due to a combination of chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and massage therapy."

Evan Kavallines

"I've been a patient with you for several months now and just wanted to say thank you! Every person I have come in contact with has been caring, kind, and respectful. Your staff is a fine example of what a treatment/rehab facility should be, from handling my insurance and payments, scheduling, to the personnel treating me."

Wendy Cox

"I like the most how helpful the staff is and the things that i have learned with the massage and physical therapist. After treatment I don't have the constant pain. If I start feeling any ache I do the stretching and exercises that the PT taught me. I have been very happy with the treatment I have received. I think the staff was very professional and willing to make adjustments as needed to help me receive care. Thank you all at Adkore for your care!"

Victoria Berrios

"I have been very happy with the treatment I have received. I think the staff was very professional and willing to make adjustments as needed to help me receive care. Thank you all at ADKORE for your care!"

Dave McGill

"Adkore was the best choice I have made to help with my condition and pain. I experienced shoulder and lower back pain and after the chiropractic adjustments and medical massage my pain has become better and I am experiencing less tension."

Emily Best

"Dr. Chambers is a gifted chiropractor. I went to Dr. Chambers for chiropractic adjustments, specifically an L4 alignment, and his results were right on target. Kudos to Dr. Chambers!"

David Chislett

"I have been a receiving acupuncture treatment for the past 2 months. I had both knees replaced 12 years ago, and since then, I had lost all feeling in my right leg from below the knee to halfway up my thigh, and also, the front and outer side had been completely numb. The treatment took about 5 minutes, and involved using suction cups. I was astonished that immediately after the treatment the numbness was gone. I had asked if this would help my neck and shoulder pain that I have from arthritis, after another 5 minutes the pain was gone. Thank you for giving me relief from pain and for also giving me back feeling in my leg."

Lois Reilly

"I have been using Adkore for multiple years due to some medical problems that I have and they are absolutely awesome. The staff is great and scheduling is so easy. I have been blessed to have the knowledge of the people at the adkore office both the Deltona and Sanford offices are awesome. If you have pain from arthritis a fall or an accident or any other type of pain that you need to have checked out go and see the doctors there and let them put you on a plan that will change your life."

Alice Perez

"The staff is absolutely the best. I am so thankful that they work with me and my always changing work schedule. The staff is always professional and willing to answer any question truthfully and to best of their knowledge. I'm always telling family, friends and co-workers about Adkore and what they have to offer."

Ashley Miller

"I had been seen at another practice by my home and I switched to here & I am very happy with my decision. Adkore has treated me very well I like their sign in system, I never wait long, and both Doctors are great! The doctors treat you like they really care and not like you are just another check! All though my insurance doesn't cover much the Doctor does as much as she can to leave me feeling better. I really like the place!"

Anberlin Perez

"Great experience at the Sanford office! The staff is very nice and the doctors are very knowledgeable and committed to helping me get better."

Shandis Steele

"Everyone here is friendly. I feel so much better! No more lower back and shoulder pain! Mila gives the best medical massages!!"

Angela Ligon

"I came to Adkore with neck and low back pain and the chiropractic adjustments and medical massage made my pain much better. One of the things I enjoyed most about the office was their customer service. I would recommend Adkore!"

Katrina Gleim

"I just had one of the best treatments I have ever had at this great place, the chiropractor is wonderful, the PT was top notch, this Friday guy seems to be knowledgeable, he did wonderful and impressed me with the heat he actually uses with the ultrasound on my elbow and then used the ice, wonderful, next Kel was as usual very good pressure and actually worked on my scalp a lot, very appreciated, good team."

Paula Foshee

"Omayra, the massage therapist at Adkore, is very good at her job. For a smaller girl, she has strong hands and she is very knowledgeable as well. She is the perfect deep massage therapist."

Julie Johnson

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