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Adkore Rehabilitation's Chiropractic Clinic provides diversified spinal correction techniques aiming to effectively relieve spinal ailments and restore full function.
Chiropractic medicine is now the largest and most well-established complementary alternative medicine in the United States, and studies have repeatedly shown it to be a safe, effective means of natural healing. 

Our chiropractic services are based on the scientific fact that the spinal cord is intrinsically linked to the nervous system. Everyday activities can cause repositioning of spinal bones, which can ultimately lead to nervous system dysfunction. 

Our treatment specialists use chiropractic care to address back/neck pain, pain from herniated discs, headaches and migraines, joint pain, punched nerves, and sports injuries. 

"I've been coming to Adkore Center for only a short time, and I am finally living a pain-free life.  The remarkable improvement in my health is due to a combination of chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and massage therapy."
- Evan Kavallines, Adkore patient

Conditions treated by our chiropractic experts:

Back & Neck Pain
Chiropractic treatment is the most commonly used method of treat back and neck pain. Our Chiropractors are trained in relieving back and neck pain caused by stress, herniated discs, and fibromyalgia. Treatment includes realignment and adjustment of back and neck bones to take pressure off pain points.

Herniated/Bulging Discs
Herniated discs can be very painful and are different for everyone. There are many chiropractic techniques that can be used to treat herniated disc pain and muscle hypertonicity. Adkore Rehabilitation's chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat spinal misalignment and dysfunction with a treatment that's right for you.  

Headaches & Migraines
Constant headaches and migraines can be a pain and stop you from every day activities. At Adkore Rehabilitation Center, we offer chiropractic care services that can help relieve headache and migraine pain. Our chiropractors work to realign bones in the spine in neck in attempt to relieve stress and pressure on nerves that can cause headaches.

Joint Pain
If you are experiencing arthritis pain, Adkore's chiropractic services can be used to relieve your joint pain. It is important that your body is able to move freely, so our experienced chiropractors adjust and realign bones so they can move easier. Chiropractic arthritis care can lessen joint pain, or diminish it altogether. 

Pinched Nerves
Chiropractic techniques can be used to relieve pain from pinched nerves. At Adkore, our chiropractors will realign your spine, legs, arms, or neck to treat your nerve pain. We also use physiotherapy to relieve pain that can include ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy or ice packs to reduce muscle spasms or inflammation. For long- lasting results, more than one treatment session may be needed. 

Sports Injuries
After experience a sports injury, it is important to get back into the game fast. Adkore's chiropractic care can be used to realign and adjust spinal segments so they are back to their normal functionality. With the combination of chiropractic services and physical therapy to help muscles, tendons, and ligaments, our chiropractic physicians can help the injured areas feel normal again.

Auto Accident Injuries
Chiropractic care is the most common alternative to medicine and offers a natural healing. Patients suffering from back and neck pain for an auto accident benefit from Adkore's chiropractic care. Our chiropractors work to determine if chiropractic treatment is right for you and what treatment is proper for your injury.

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