Massage Therapy

Massage therapyAdkore Rehabilitation's clinical massage therapy practice focuses on your specific medical goals.

It is our mission to effectively address your injuries or chronic pain, including discomfort caused by or related to repetitive motion injuries, neuromuscular conditions, chronic headaches, auto accident injuries, and many other ailments. The medical conditions that can benefit from massage therapy are endless, but a few of the conditions we specialize in include:

Headaches & Migraines

Our experienced massage therapists provide treatment to patients suffering from chronic headaches or migraines in order to help relax tense muscles in the back, neck, shoulders, and head as well as to relieve muscle spasms, improve blood flow, and promote overall relaxation. Massage therapy for headaches is typically most effective for patients who experience tension or pain throughout the body as symptoms related to tension and vascular headaches.

Auto Accident Injuries

At Adkore Rehabilitation, we specialize in the comprehensive treatment of auto accident injuries. Part of an auto accident injury treatment plan often includes clinical massage therapy to address tension and pain related to injuries caused by your auto accident. Our massage therapy services for auto accident patients are designed to meet individual medical goals, typically as a part of a larget treatment plan.

Herniated/Bulging Discs

Patients suffering from herniated discs or bulging discs can often find short-term pain relief from targeted massage therapy in the first few weeks following the injury. Clinical massage therapy for these patients is typically part of a larger treatment plan designed to relieve pain in the short term and eliminate the cause of the pain or minimize its effects in the long term. The ability of massage therapy to relax the muscles surrounding the injury is what benefits these patients the most.

Sports Injuries

Massage therapy is also an effective tool for aiding in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Overuse or over-exertion of muscles can put stress on the body that causes pain or allows injuries to happen. Clinical massage therapy for athletes can help to relieve stress to the body from physical activity while helping to reduce muscle tension and promote flexibility.

Clinical Massage Services

Adkore therapists use a variety of procedures, including neuromuscular massage and stretching, to address your specific injuries and manage your pain. We develop a customized treatment plan for each patient in order to ensure the effectiveness of your massage treatment, whether independently or in combination with other therapies. A combination of the following techniques may be recommended to help you accomplish your recovery goals:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage therapy includes gentle to medium-pressure massage strokes performed in rhythmic and long-flowing, non-specific motions to promote general relaxation and a feeling of overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep pressure massage strokes are targeted at the deeper structures of muscles and fascia in the body. This practice is primarily used to promote therapeutic healing to the body’s soft tissues. Deep tissue massage strokes are slow and deep.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage is a very specific massage technique that involves locating specific trigger points (often felt as knots) in muscles and applying focused pressure to the point. Additional pressure is slowly and progressively applied as the pain/tenderness of the point eases up. This method of massage is typically effective in relieving muscle pain that could be the result of chronic activities (such as cradling the phone) or acute activities (such as whiplash).

Medical Massage

Medical massage is sometimes defined as “medically necessary massage” and usually prescribed by your physician. It is generally practiced in relation to a specific goal focused on improving your health. It can typically be helpful to individuals who suffer from an assortment of health conditions, including repetitive motion injuries, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, muscle spasms, neuromuscular conditions, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, chronic headaches, whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, and soft tissue injuries.

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