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Central Florida Massage Therapy

Florida Massage ClinicOne of the oldest health care practices known to history, massage therapy is one of today’s most popular healing modalities.  Massage therapy is used by conventional as well as alternative medical communities to treat numerous conditions and is now often covered by health plans.

The Adkore clinical massage therapy practice focuses on specific medical goals.  Clinical massage is an effective tool in addressing repetitive motion injuries, neuromuscular conditions, chronic headaches, auto accident injuries, and many other ailments.

Your massage therapy treatment may be covered by your insurance. Visit our insurance page to find out what insurance is accepted at Adkore.

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Adkore therapists use a variety of procedures—including neuromuscular massage and stretching—to address the area of the body specified by each patient’s treatment plan.  A combination of the following techniques may be used to help you accomplish your recovery goals:


Gentle to medium pressure massage strokes performed in rhythmic and long flowing non-specific motions to promote generally relaxation and a feeling of overall well-being.

Deep tissue

Deep pressure massage strokes targeted at the deeper structures of muscles and fascia in the body.  Primarily done to promote therapeutic healing to the body’s soft tissues.  Strokes are slow and deep.

Trigger point

A very specific massage technique that involves locating specific trigger points (often felt as knots) in muscles and applying focused pressure to the point.  Additional pressure is slowly and progressively applied as the pain/tenderness of the point eases up.  Quite effective in relieving muscle pain that could be the result of chronic activities (such as cradling the phone) or acute activities (such as whiplash).

Medical massage

Sometimes defined as “medically necessary massage” and usually prescribed by a physician.  Generally practiced in relation to a specific goal focused on improving the health of patients.  Helpful to individuals who suffer from an assortment of health conditions, including repetitive motion injuries, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, muscle spasms, neuromuscular conditions, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, chronic headaches, whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, and soft tissue injuries.