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Ms. Smith's Story

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Ms. Smith

Car Accident Leads to Pain, Numbness and Tingling

Ms. Smith reported to our office in October with daily constant neck Pain which is rated 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.  She has secondary related symptoms of right forearm pain and upper extremity numbness and tingling.  Her injury was caused by a motor vehicle accident early in October.

She presented us with her MRI results which had the following findings:

  1. Severe C5-C6 level degenerative disc disease with a bulging disc and marginal osteophyte combination indenting the anterior thecal sac and resulting in spinal canal narrowing, encroaching upon the left anterior cord, and there is moderate to severe bilateral formaninal stenosis secondary to uncovertebral joint bone spur formation.
  2. Reversed lordosis of the cervical spine is most likely degenerative.
  3. Broad based posterior right lateral C6-C7 level disc herniation with extruded disc material resulting in several lateral recess stenosis and right C7 nerve root impingement.

Listening & Understanding Her Pain

Upon examination the patient had diminished sensory of the right upper extremity and limited right range of motion of the cervical spine.  Active range of motion was not only limited but painful.  All upper extremity activity was painful and made it difficult to perform activities of daily living.  She found little to no relief from prescribed pain medication. The neck pain involved the upper/mid back with dull aching pain which radiated between the shoulder blades. The pain limited her ability to perform her occupation as a writer.

Adkore Customized Treatment Plan

The patient was prescribed a combination of Spinal Decompression, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, Physical, and Massage Therapy. Following her eighth treatment, she rated her pain as between 0 and one on a scale of 1 to 10. She also reported significant reduction in pain medication and was remarkably surprised on her results.

Immediate Results

In early December her evaluation revealed improved ability to perform activities of daily living; she had gained nearly 100% of pain-free active cervical range of motion.  And she looked forward to her long holiday in England without pain. She was also ready to undertake the task of editing a book.

Ongoing Care & Sustained Results

Upon her return form holiday to England Ms. Smith underwent a follow-up cervical MRI.  The findings had shown not only subjective improvement but there were measurable changes noted in the MRI findings.

Follow-up MRI findings:

  • Interval decreased size of the previously noted posterior right sided C6-C7 level disc herniation with a tiny residual right paracentral disc protrusion noted indenting the anterior thecal sac with mild spinal canal narrowing and no cord impingement.

The comparative MRI studies were performed 10 weeks apart, and following 17 treatment visits over the 10 weeks.

Both the subjective and objective findings of this patient show positive results:

  1. Interval decreased size of the previously noted posterior right sided C6-C7 level disc herniation
  2. Pain rating decreased from a level 9 to 0 on a pain rating scale 1 to 10. 
  3. Improved active and passive cervical range of motion to nearly 100%
  4. 100% return of right upper extremity sensory and use of arms pain-free
  5. Ability to return to work and occupational tasks pain-free.

Note: patient names have been changed.