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Ms. Happy's Story

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Ms. Happy

Debilitating Headaches Following Car Accident

Ms. Happy reported to our office in May with nearly daily debilitating headaches. The headaches are rated on a scale of 1 to 10, she rates the pain as a 5-6 on a daily basis but often increase to a 10. She has secondary related symptoms of neck pain and upper extremity numbness and tingling into the left digit.  She reports a history of multiple cervical herniations. Her injury was caused by a motor vehicle accident in the past and after treatment at another facility had residual headaches, neck pain, and left digit numbness.

Listening & Understanding Her Pain

Upon examination the patient had diminished sensory of the left digits and limited left range of motion of the cervical spine. Both passive and active cervical range of motion is severely restricted to the left and she has multiple trigger points in the muscles of the upper spine. In addition she had weakened cervical spine flexors and left cervical spine muscles. She had significant forward head carriage which caused significant mid to upper back tension.  The headaches became so painful, she often had to miss work and retreat to a dark room to rest.  The pain inhibited her ability to perform both occupational activities as a nurse, and activities of daily living.  She found little to no relief from prescribed pain medication or previous care at another facility.  The pain is very frustrating because it is so interruptive and takes joy out of life.

Adkore Customized Treatment Plan

The patient was prescribed an 8-12 week treatment plan of a combination of Spinal Decompression, Chiropractic Care, Physical and Massage Therapy.

Immediate Results

Following each treatment she rated her pain and she drastically saw reduction in the headaches from a daily level of 6 (on a scale of 1 to 10) down to headache free days. She also reported significant reduction in reliance on pain medication and was remarkably surprised to have days without a headache by the eighth week.

Ongoing Care & Sustained Results

Ms. Happy continues treatment at our facility at a preventive level and overall she is pleased with her results: She reports an overall 60% improvement.

Objective and Subjective Results after 6 months of treatment:

  1. Improved cervical range of motion
  2. Increased strength and stamina of the cervical spine muscles
  3. Less painful and less frequent headaches, from daily pain reduced to 7-10 episodes per month.
  4. Improved posture, reduced forward head carriage and less irritation of the upper/ mid back muscles.
  5. Reduced need for pain medication
  6. Ability to better perform both occupational and daily living activities
  7. Reduced numbness in digits of the left hand.

Note: patient names have been changed.